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Live your dream with your own personal brand

Are you ready to finally do your own thing and make your dream of your own brand come true?

Learn how to develop your personal brand, reach your target audience, and kickstart your business with your passion – your Spark✨.

Develop your personal brand step by step with proven strategic and creative methods so that it embodies your uniqueness and with which you reach your dream customers.

Ready to develop your brand?

With Strategy & Creativity To A Successful Brand

Say goodbye to your old 9-to-5 job! You are finally forging your own path and want to truly live your idea, your passion, your calling.

Imagine, you...


...feel joy and fulfillment doing your work.


...magically attract your ideal clients.


...achieve your dream revenue.


... finally have time for the truly important things in life.

You're full of energy and drive, but you're not sure how to develop your brand?
Don't worry! I'll help you bring your dream of a personal brand to life. I'll take you by the hand, guide you step by step on your journey, and be there for you at all times with my expertise.

Choose the support that fits your needs

Brand Boost Session - 60min

My brain is yours for an hour! Ask me anything about the topic currently occupying your mind in brand development, and receive feedback, strategies & more.  

Brand Building Mentoring

For continuous support, I’ll take you by the hand one month at a time. Intensive one-on-one sessions, asynchronous support, strategic planning, and more await you.



What makes the sessions special

Empathetic & Professional Guidance

I intentionally put myself in your shoes and am passionate about your brand with heart and soul. Your spark is my spark too. You won't receive standard phrases and one-size-fits-all solutions, but rather individualized support tailored to your specific needs.

Creative-Strategic Approach

To develop customized solutions for your situation, I combine creative approaches with proven strategies and my experience in marketing and design. I utilize methods from branding, design thinking, psychology, and marketing.

Transparent Action Plan

We work together to develop a tailored action plan that fits your skills, your time, and your goals. This way, you always have an overview of what needs to be done and can better track your personal progress.

Constructive & Proactive

You don't have to aimlessly drag yourself forward alone without external feedback. I provide you with motivating feedback that opens your eyes, inspires you, and helps you grow beyond yourself. I'll come to you with proactive suggestions when you're ready for them.

Customer voices


Brand Evolution Accelerator

You want to launch your brand – and really make it happen, right? And you want people by your side who can understand your concerns as an entrepreneur (to be)? You don’t want to be surrounded by a community that just talks but doesn’t implement anything, but rather achieves real results?

You know that the path to becoming a successful entrepreneur means surrounding yourself with like-minded individuals – people who are just as determined as you are to advance their personal brand and achieve their goals?

Then the Brand Evolution Accelerator is your game-changer!

The Accelerator is more than just a gathering of dedicated people: it’s a melting pot of inspiration, a platform for collective progress, and a source of boundless support. Our structured sprint approach includes detailed planning, clear objectives, weekly accountability, and continuous optimization.

In the Accelerator, you’ll find allies on your path to entrepreneurial success who are experts in their respective fields, sharing their experiences and advice with you.

Simply more than just a mere mastermind group

Here, it’s not just about dreaming of having your own personal brand, but above all, about actively realizing that dream through concrete steps with your own commitment.

Whether you’re coming from a monotonous 9-to-5 job, a stress-filled corporate position, or self-employment – in the Accelerator, you’re united with people who are breaking their professional chains, surpassing their previous limits, and aiming to fully realize their entrepreneurial potential with their own personal brand.

The Accelerator follows a structured 12-week rhythm that includes planning, implementation, and reflection. The group size is limited to ensure maximum benefit for participants. Weekly sessions clarify your next steps, daily support is available for any questions you may have, and multiple accountability checks keep you on track, providing the support you need at the moment – whether it’s motivation, inspiration, understanding, or a kick in the butt 😉

Are you ready to take the next step and be inspired by the energy and knowledge of our community?

Sign up for the information list and be among the first to be informed about the launch of the Brand Evolution Accelerator!

My skill set for you:
Supporter, Strategist & Concepter

Support | Community | Passion | Structure | Creativity | Authenticity | Confidence | Success

Hi! I’m Julie, and I love helping others discover their strengths and understand and activate their potential within them. To accomplish this, I leverage my own strengths in strategy and concept development, design thinking, communication, teamwork, and branding.

My goal is to empower people to present themselves confidently without feeling the need to pretend. I want to help them develop their brand that not only appeals to their target audience but also establishes a genuine connection with them.

Through a combination of strategic expertise, creative methods, and a supportive approach, I create an atmosphere where my clients can build brands that are successful as well as fulfilling.

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